I often find myself romanticizing the south from its nature to the people in my work subconsciously. But for this specific series, I wanted to specifically focus on my feelings as my inspiration. While living in the bible belt I have tried to find inspiration within it; I have fallen in love with vintage and antique objects, and have spent time visiting antique shops and flea markets all of my life. This shoot was taken to honor the inspiration I have taken from the south but also the great amount of work I have put in to try to leave it. Thus, tying in the vintage cars that the models are surrounded by and inside of. They signify the decaying south and how it seems that, although the nostalgia of the south is what makes me cling to it, it also makes me feel stuck and decaying like these cars. The models are not going anywhere in these cars because of that; just like the south, everything here often just feels stagnant.

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